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Dancer and teacher Christian explains the thinking behind his new 'Gradients of Thickness' Seed...

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Gradients of Thickness with Christian

Christian Says...

I really wanted to make this Seed as I felt that it's a vital tool in the dancer’s palette. It has held an incredible amount of value to my own practice and I wanted to bring it to others to see if it can bring them the same benefit. The session is about using a scale to gauge and differentiate between the amount of thickness we have in our body at any given time for any movement or phrase.
The idea for this class first came about guessed it...I was in a class.
The teacher said we will start at level 1 and work our way through to level 10, increasing the size of the movement as we go. 1 was manageable for me, starting as small as possible. As we moved further up the scale, I realised that I didn't really know if I was doing it honestly or fluctuating between, skipping up or down levels. By the time I reached 8, I felt I was already at my max... how do I get to 9 from here, let alone 10?!
Due to this big grey area that appeared from 2 to 9, I felt a real need to make a scale that was smaller and clearly define each level of the scale so that everyone can identify it and find it within their own body without having to guess where their body needs to be.

I proposed a scale of 1 to 4, looking at thickness within the body.

1 - Being as if the bones are swimming in the air, giving direction to the body.
2 - Finding form.
3 - Bringing muscularity to the form.
4 - Bringing the maximum amount of thickness whilst maintaining flow.

I felt that if dancers can clearly define the thickness in their body, it can improve their textures and dynamics in turn, giving a 3D feeling to the movement. Also being able to apply the scale can help with monitoring energy levels in tougher sequences. I hope anyone taking the class can find the scale in their body and take it forwards!

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