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Welcome to Week One of Stopgap's NEW online dance programme

We hope you enjoyed dancing and exploring our new online dance sessions live with us at The Launch of Home Practice on Monday 7th. Home Practice is a free self-guided programme of online dance workshops and classes that introduce a variety approaches to dance practice, with inclusivity at its heart. As the name suggests, all sessions are suitable to practice at home, wherever that may be. 

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We have just released the first series of videos Groundwork'. These are videos that will support you to get the best out of Home Practice. The team will share explanations, explorations and tips in engaging with our online dance sessions. In the Groundwork series there are 4 sessions that investigate how we remember movement, use improvisation and movement translation alongside introducing some of the words and phrases often used in Home Practice. Then next week, we will release another series of videos called Seeds, which will show you possible starting places to discover new ways to approach moving and dancing at home. Then the weekly videos will start proper in the following week. To find out more about Home Practice, please visit our webpage.

Currently there is much uncertainty in the dance industry - we are all going to need a strong foundation to build our practice on... The Groundwork videos are part of the foundations of Home Practice. To strengthen your practice further you may want to revisit Thomas Goodwin’s ‘Launch’ day session on journalling to support with your own reflections and growth as a dancer.

“May you have a strong foundation when the wind of changes shift” 
Bob Dylan

Warm Wishes from the Home Practice Team 

PS. If you are interested in more live interaction as part of your Home Practice journey please register for the monthly Home Practice webinar by emailing [email protected] 

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