GUEST BLOG - Dancing in Spite of Injury

Jo Cork, guest blogger for Stopgap, invites us to read and travel with her as she experiences the physical and mental struggles after an accident. Is there a way to keep dancing throughout the recovery? Here is part one of her discoveries…

Part 1. Why Stop?

As dancers, the word ‘injury’ can have an all too powerful and terrifying grip on us. Our livelihood; income, professional structure, future abilities and prospects- not to be melodramatic- but all that we’ve worked for(!)- can suddenly, if it’s serious enough, be up in the air and we find ourselves feeling lucky, given the alternative, to be bound to a long, arduous journey toward recovery. The logistics of paying rent, and maintaining professional contacts, reputation and standing, are but part of the physically creative’s struggle though; the sudden, halted, static experience of being an injured dancer is both physically and mentally frustrating, feeling shackled as the medium for our creative outlet is seemingly put out of action...

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