GUEST BLOG - Dancing in Spite of Injury - Part Five

Part five to Jo Cork’s recovery blog highlights the mental struggles you go through…

Part 5. Recovery in Motion

Parallel to using this time where I’m injured as a platform for learning and discovery, I’m also remaining mindful of being active and both mentally and physically engaged in my recovery.
Since my operation to repair the cut Achilles’ I’ve been attending the hospital for recasting, appointments with my consultant and now, for physiotherapy. As dance artists, to dance is our career, income and day to day living, never mind our passion and emotional necessity. So I’ve been struggling to have faith that the treatment I have, and will, receive will make me fit and strong enough to cope with the demands of our occupation. I don’t just need to be well enough to walk to the shops, I need to be able to spring start, change direction, land high jumps, stretch to my extremities! And I can’t be reassured enough that the physicians in charge of my care, know that. I keep reminding myself that the different stages in the physical process of recovery take longer than others (I have experience of that from being in the cast for four weeks while I watched my calf muscles whither away!) and that ensuring I do the exercises prescribed to me, however unsupervised or non-progressive in their content, is an important and constructive phase nonetheless.
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