GUEST BLOG - Dancing in Spite of Injury - Part Six

Here is the final part to Jo Cork’s blog about her route to recovery. Read where her journey took her…

Part 6. Reconnecting

Now coming to the very end of my physiotherapy treatment, I am both incredibly excited at the notion of complete recovery, and petrified of the ramifications of overstepping the mark too soon.
In the last month I have been stepping up the challenges I set myself in the studio; daring (a little!) to test the extremities of my physical capabilities; apply more dynamic movement and force through my injured Achilles, and experiment, with due caution, as to what I am able to do; and what I am confident enough to do- there of course, being a distinct difference.
Although I made a considerable and conscious effort to be very careful, these last two weeks, I find myself with cramp and tension in the front of my foot, a back spasms and a pulled Sartorius muscle. I found it enraging and became very angry with myself, having evidently over-estimating my physical condition, or at the very least, not been sensitive enough to it to understand my limits.
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