GUEST BLOG - Dancing in Spite of Injury - Part Two

Jo Cork continues her journey to recovery…Read here for part two.


Part 2. Back to the Studio

My very first time moving since the injury and operation; I was very intimidated, but incredibly excited to do my first individual session in the studio!

To say, very briefly, my construct for the sessions; I begin with a phase for Orientation and Acknowledgement; where through normal class exercises and observations, I try to become more informed about my body and acknowledge limitations and possibilities. Then I move on to Play and Challenge where I have time to experiment with movement through both free improvisation tasks and set material which may require adaptation. After noting interesting findings for further exploration, I begin the phase of Testing and Challenging where I look further at these findings and try to identify and test the potentials they pose. Finally, with Discovery and Familiarisation, I hope to identify key points or ideas which might be more widely applicable to the evolving practice, and which I will take with me into the next session and beyond.

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