Hannah on Radio 5 Live

Today is your last chance to catch Hannah’s interview on Radio 5 Live.  Here is her blog about the interview...

On the 16th of October, Laura Jones and I went to Guildford Uni for an interview with the Radio 5 Live team in Surrey.   I was very excited to be interviewed, and had spent quite some time preparing, working through the large number of questions they had sent ahead of the interview.

When we got there, Laura and I had our own station room with two headphones and microphones. Also being interviewed were two other participants who also have Down’s Syndrome, Kate Grant (model) and Tommy Jessop (actor). Both Kate and Tommy had their parents in with them to have a say about their lives.  I felt particularly pleased to be able to answer all my questions for myself, because often people with learning disabilities get spoke for.  I talked about how I got into dancing, if there were any boundaries, and they asked me what is my favourite dish to cook – which is sausage casserole.

Although it was a great opportunity to share my story, I felt a bit disappointed, I don’t feel they fully appreciated that I am now a professional dancer, as they referred to my dancing as a hobby.  If I had a chance to add on to this interview, I’d like to mention that training in Stopgap’s traineeship company called Sg2 got me to where I am now as a professional dancer. As a professional dancer with Stopgap I work full time, I offer suggestions and ideas and working closely with everyone around me and tour to many different countries to perform. Also I’d like to say that I have ambitions in the future to choreograph dance pieces, such as Chris’s outdoor work The Awakening.

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