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Hear from Projects Intern, Lily, and how her time at Stopgap has been...

Hello everyone! It came to our attention in the office that I have yet to do a little introductory blog about myself, despite working with Stopgap for a few months now! We couldn’t have that, so here is a little post about me, my time at Stopgap so far and what I’ve been up to...

My name is Lily and I’m 18, currently working as a Projects Intern in the Sg office and occasionally in the studio. I dance with Sg Troop and as part of the Artists in Training programme, which is where I first started dancing with Stopgap. You may also know my mum, Nicky Norton, who I get to work with (which is great but also sometimes rather embarrassing!) I love animals, fine art, Studio Ghibli animations, patterned trousers and my (very) fat ginger cat Biscuit!

What I do - In the office I have lots of little projects and jobs that are usually going on all at once, which keeps me nice and busy. I take care of lots of planning, booking of flights and accommodation, advertising Stopgap workshops and news, organising travel and getting creative with posters and blogs! Recently I also helped design the flyer and programme for Stopgap's collaborative work with Casson&Friends, Night at the Theatre, along with assistant producer for Strategic Touring, Callum. It was great to test my graphics skills as I’d never worked digitally with design before. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see your work in print and used for a show.

One of my favourite things to do is observe and join main company research and development, especially as they move into creation for the newest production, The Enormous Room. As an artist I love to sit and sketch every chance I get, I’ve included a few of my favourite moments captured in sketch so far. I hope to contribute towards the newest creation diary with all of my illustrations and writings!

I love working with the Youth groups and enjoy working on IRIS (Stopgap’s inclusive teaching syllabus) with Jenny who I support. It’s such a unique opportunity to experience the remarkable work that all of the teachers and dancers at Stopgap do for both young and professional disabled and non-disabled dancers. It’s spurred my interest in developing my teaching and support work; I love researching teaching methods and approaches to inclusive, integrated dance.

I’m having a great time so far and really don’t want to think about leaving to go to university in the next year! But I’ve gained so much incredible experience that I thank everyone at Stopgap. Their kindness and wealth of knowledge makes working for them feel like a privilege! And being in the office means there is always a chance of snuggling with Bruce the Maltings cat, who’s croaking meow I will surely miss!

I have included a few of my sketches from various rehearsals and R&D days; see if you recognise anyone!   



Thanks for reading!


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