Holly's second week as part of the team

Our Education & Arts Admin Intern, Holly, has written about her second week as part of the team and what she has been learning. 

Holly's second week

Now into my second week at Stopgap and I am settling in nicely, apart from the aching muscles which are making a regular occurrence! I have been continuing with company classes taught by Amy and Lucy this week which have enabled me to spend time on my technique, strength and flexibility. The yoga exercises were particularly challenging and I’m enjoying the pace of each class. We also had a chance to work with partners finding contact through improvisation and becoming one with the floor. It’s great to be able to explore this again since I haven’t had a chance since graduating. Cherie and I worked together to find pressure points, stretches and a sense of togetherness around each other’s centres. It is satisfying to change my focus and become more open to the space and bodies around me.

This week I also attended the Guildford open class and then the evening youth group where we continued to explore imagery through travel phrases and improvisation. The use of image based words seems to help the students remember phrases more clearly. They will nearly always reply to Siobhan’s questions with an example of the image such as ‘mash potato’ opposed to technical descriptions.  This is something we use to represent movement being squashed into a small shape if you were wondering…

The group continued to work on their dance which Tomos explains is about magnets and how they come together and separate. This idea is clear in the structuring of the work and the space proximities between the dancers. So far the choreography is creating interesting floor patterns and movement which is individual but grouped together by weaving and overlapping. 

As much as all the creative/practical work is exciting I should probably tell you about other bits I’ve been up to.  I have been working lots in the office this week and learning about educational needs when it comes to delivering dance workshops. Asking questions such as 'how does dance fit in with the national curriculum?' This week has given me time to understand the benefits of creative learning workshops and put together a document outlining these. For more information on Stopgap workshops visit the creative learning section of the website. Finally I have been learning new admin skills this week such as making itineraries for the busy Stopgap dancers!

I am really enjoying my varied work here which allows me to develop in many areas of dance knowledge. It is important to be adaptable as a dance artist and I feel this internship will help me any changes and the discovery of new possibilities. 

Holly Page

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