Introducing.. Ethan!

Ethan, the newest addition to the Stopgap team as their administration intern...

As the newest member of the team it's time you got to know a bit about me.

I love the arts, and have been deeply involved in theatre for nearly 10 years. Beginning on stage acting in shows such as 'Bouncers', 'Teechers' and 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof', I naturally progressed to behind the scenes, producing and directing student shows at the Bath University Student Theatre. More recently taking on the role of chair in my final year at Bath University.

Many people have said to me things like "arts are a distraction from your degree". Having completed a Natural Sciences degree, and Chemistry postgraduate research masters, I found that my degrees were in fact a distraction from the arts. I left "sensible" science to chase my passion. Classic.

So now I find myself settled in to Stopgap. Helping the office team with bits and bobs, writing up information sheets for our dancers, collating all the lovely feedback we get from you guys, hunting down rehearsal venues for all of our performances, and many other computery tasks. (Yes that is a technical term)

I’m allowed out of the office too though! I’ve helped de-rigging the set for 'The Enormous Room', shredded my bodyweight in paper and joined the Farnham Youth Company on their Monday sessions.

This is only the beginning of my 6 months with Stopgap, but I'm sure there are plenty of exciting things coming my way!


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