Introducing Sg2 Member - Fin!

New Sg2 dancer Finlay, introduces himself; talking about how he got into dancing and shares some of his favourite past experiences...

Name: Finlay James
I grew up in Cambridge but I’m half Scottish and like to get up to Scotland whenever I can, particularly the west coast. My other favourite place is Norfolk.

Before I danced I used to play the drums - I used to find spoken communication quite difficult and one of the reasons I took to dancing straight away is because it’s all visual.

I’ve been doing ballet for around six or seven years now alongside contemporary dance and I love it. I’ve performed in both traditional and modern roles, including being Drosselmeyer in The Nutcracker earlier this year. It was a lot of fun being in costume.

Contemporary is my favourite though and when I was with DanceEast CAT we did lots of workshops and intensives alongside our technique classes with some inspiring teachers and dancers. One that sticks in my memory was working with James Wilton on capoeira-style choreography and floor work, I got through a lot of ice that week. Also being in our own version of Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty, where I had to dance a section blindfolded!

The first professional integrated performance I ever saw was Stopgap’s Artificial Things, when the company came to Cambridge. I saw possibilities I couldn’t have imagined and it was more interesting than any other dance I’d seen before. It is still one of my favourite pieces of all time. I then got the chance to do some work experience with Stopgap, meet the team, and learn more about the way the company teaches and rehearses. I then took part in The Seafarers for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, which was great because I really like doing outdoor work.

When I’m not dancing, I like computer games, walking, and Warhammer. I’ve also just started learning BSL. I hope to be able to change perceptions about autistic people and what we’re capable of.

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