Introducing Sg2 Member - Kat!

Sg2 member Kat writes her first blog about the change from associate to Sg2 apprentice with Stopgap and looking forward to the future...

Name: Kat Ball
Favourite things in life: Chocolate, cats, hugs, listening to music and peaceful outdoor spaces.
Where I’m from: Surrey
My favourite country: South Africa.

What am I most looking forward to about being in Sg2/working with Stopgap:
I am very excited to be formalising my connections within Stopgap, by moving from being an associate to an apprentice. I am looking forward to developing my virtuosity and performance quality, with the associated increase in my knowledge, vocabulary and confidence in dance. Over the past 18 months I have been navigating my journey with standing and wheelchair dancing, I am very grateful for the opportunity to dive into a deeper exploration of my evolving practice.

My inspirations tend to be those who I know personally, youth leaders, fellow dancers, peers and colleagues. People who's conduct and lifestyle model qualities of advocacy, discipline, innovation, leadership and encouragement. Outside of my personal sphere peaceful outside spaces and musicians who create beautiful lyrics and have exceptional performance skills inspire my creativity. 

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