Introducing Sg2 Member - Sander!

Sander, Sg2 dancer, talks about what inspires him most...

Name: Sander Verbeek
Favourite things in life: socks
Favourite country: Sweden
From: South-Holland, The Netherlands

What are you most looking forward to about being in Sg2/working with Stopgap:
I'm looking forward to learning how to work more independently, look after myself, spread knowledge of integrated dance and I'm looking forward to an amazing time as Sg2.

Environments in urban areas interest me, mostly its development, the subtle choices that influences us daily and the place where our natural flow is put in concrete over time.

Thanks to travelling so much the past years of my life I've become quite obsessed with languages. To put in perspective: growing up I've really disliked (putting it mildly) having to learn three languages, learning more about my native language seemed to be even a bigger waste. It's become mesmerising to discover the journey that some words have travelled across borders, despite how foreign we might feel to one another sometimes, we do share our words.

From your newest OLED 4K telly to your newest fancy laser LED lights in your car, lights in my wheels to LED under my bed. I'm very inspired by all technology involving light and it's developments towards the future and its potential applications.

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