Launch Day Schedule | Home Practice

A day full of live classes and exciting sessions to kick off our Home Practice program!

Image Description: A black and white photograph from the studio, Nadenh and Hannah are in a gentle duet, three wheelchair dancers observe in the background.

Spend the day with us or drop in and out when you need to! All taking place on our YouTube channel @stopgapdanceco

  • 10:00 - Make Space with Lucy - A warm welcome to Home Practice with Lucy Bennett and Hannah Sampson


  • 10:30 - Build Heat with Nadenh Poan - A fun warmup to build heat and Focus


  • 11:00 - Curves, Tilts & Twists with Amy Butler  - Playing with complex articulation in the spine


  • 11:30 - Hands with Laura Jones - Care for and challenge your digits!


  • 12:00 - Journaling with Tom Goodwin - Reflecting on your dance practice


  • 12:30 - Boom! Strength Training with Christian Brinklow - How can we generate power in our movement?


  • 13:00 - Ask the film maker with Floyd Kondé and Cherie Brennan - Grab your lunch and settle yourself for a chat with Home Practice filmmaker Floyd


  • 14:00 - Clockwork arms with Amy Butler - Amy teaches an arms sequence focusing on coordination


  • 14:30 - Soundscore with Nadenh Poan - Time for playful fun with rhythm and sound


  • 15:00 - Audio Class with Tom Goodwin - A short improvisation session to encourage following your own movement investigation


  • 15:30 - Final Phrase with Laura Jones - Join us for an old Stopgap favourite, an Open Instruction dance phrase led by Laura


  • 16:00 - Resettle to rest with Tom Goodwin - Ending this busy dance day with a short cool down and final rest

Turn up and tune in from 10am (UK Time) on Monday 7th September.

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