Laura - iF Residency at The Point

Hear from Laura about her time working with Indepen-dance 4 at the iF Residency, and her revived choreography A:Version...

We've had a super busy and successful week at The Point in Eastleigh, for the iF Platform Residency, supported by The Point's 'Powered By' programme. We were joined by Indepen-dance 4 from Glasgow who came down to work with Stopgap for a great week of mentoring and creation time.

Sg Artists Chris and Amy, worked with the company for two days mentoring Indepen-dance member, Adam, to help him develop his choreographic ideas and learn about putting them into practice. I have had three days with the group developing A:Version, a dance piece that I choreographed back in 2009 and have been waiting to find the right opportunity to revive. 

The piece is an insight into the choreographic and rehearsal process of a dance company. A sneaky and light-hearted peak into the idiosyncrasies and quirks that happen in the rehearsal studio and how they translate to the finished product you see on stage.

I'd like to thank all of the staff at The Point for being so welcoming and supportive as usual, it's always a pleasure visiting you. I'd also like to thank Indepen-dance 4 for working so hard and coping with everything I threw at them, particularly at the last minute! I'm really looking forward to coming back to Glasgow to finish working on the piece, 


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