Laura on Artificial Things premiere

Laura talks us through the process the dancers went through leading up to the premiere of Artificial Things

It was great to be back at The Point, Eastleigh for our premier of Artificial Things on 5th February. It was an exciting culmination of lots of hard work over the past year.

The journey of Artificial Things has been a long and interesting one, with creation starting back in January 2013 with guest choreographer Yoshifumi Inao being invited in to create the opening section. This was then followed by a number of springboard workshops with weeks of studio time, creating and rehearsing, a preview tour in Europe and further time developing and reworking the piece after feedback from abroad to make sure it was ready for the big night. 
Artificial Things is very different to previous Stopgap work, both in terms of style and look, as well as the process we went through to create it. It’s the first full evening of work with Lucy Bennett as Artistic Director and the first piece to be mainly created internally by the company. 
During the process, we took time to develop new skills and play about with different ideas. This preparation time was particularly important as we had a new cast line up, with Amy Butler joining in January 2013 and Dave Toole becoming a core member of the performance company. New faces within the company influenced new movement; highlighted by the fact we worked with new collaborators throughout the process to develop the design of the new work.
Once we finished the initial creation process, we embarked on a preview tour, performing in France, Spain and Germany.  During which we were able to draw on feedback from the audiences, and learn valuable lessons in order to develop our material.  Once home again we had time to reflect and advance our skills which we were able to incorporate into the dance as well as ironing out any troublesome moments.

All the preparation really made a difference.  I’ve never had such a relaxed day on a premier! The dance felt secure, strong and settled and the audience certainly seemed to appreciate it.
Thank you to everyone who supported and worked with us in the process. 

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