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Lexie writes a blog about her first week at Stopgap...

Five days in and I am getting all comfy at my desk with a cup of tea, decorating all my planning with rainbow-neon-coloured post-it notes. It’s safe to say that my first week at Stopgap hasn’t been anything than wonderful.

I’m not a stranger anymore. I go by Lexie because Alexandra Constantinescu is somewhat challenging to spell. Originally from Romania, I started training in Ballroom and Latin dancing when I was 9 years old, and never stopped ever since. Dancing, however, was not a popular subject in schools in my hometown, and when the time came for me to go to University, there was nothing else I could think of that would bring me the same joy. After weeks of research and decision making, I found myself determined to get a degree in Dance at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom.

It was one of my biggest moments of revelation because I had never had any contact with the contemporary dance world before. I was charmed by its freedom of expression and the endless ways in which it can change the world. As a lover of all forms of art, I was struck by the way in which they can intertwine to create dance.

Two years later, it led me here, at Stopgap. I have taken another leap into the unknown and, once again, I have been amazed. This time, it was dancers’ characters that showed me freedom. They create an atmosphere of togetherness and support so strong that I cannot help but look up to it. It is this community that makes me happy to help with the endless list of details of performances, information sheets, workshop stats, and to support their hard work not only from the office, but in the studio too, by admiring and occasionally smiling encouragingly at them.

I am so excited to see how their work further develops and so grateful to be part of the team.

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