Monday Musing with AAD - The Training Habit

Siobhan talks about her year training as Franklin Method Educator and the benefits of learning a new skill..

I’ve recently had the opportunity to develop my skills further and train as a Franklin Method Educator. I spent a year training, and in March graduated level 1. The Franklin Method is a somatic practice, which looks at how the body is designed to function and uses this alongside dynamic imagery to help to improve our movement experience. It’s a great complimentary practice for dancers and last week we spent time exploring and learning about the spine, it’s functions, and how we can embody these functions whilst we move.

Taking time out to develop my practice is something many people recommended to me over the last couple of years and I would always nod and agree that some day (in the distant future) I would do this ‘developing’ if I ever got the time. I’m glad I made the time! I had to work hard to carve out this space which was mine to focus on my skills and developing myself but it was worth it.
I have enjoyed learning new skills and continually revisiting these to make them work as part of my inclusive practice. I believe that a desire to keep learning and developing is essential to many aspects of life.  I think its great that Stopgap encourage each artist on the team to have ownership over their own artistic practice and to invest time into honing and refining their skills - after all we all get to benefit from each other’s learning.

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