Nadenh in Wales

Nadenh writes about his latest excursion to Wales with Siobhan…

Last week I went to teach a workshop and performed ”Crossing Borders”, a duet that Siobhan and I choreographed together, at Disability Dance Development in Abergavenny, Wales.

When the show finished we had a Q and A; it really surprised me that they said they had never seen that kind of that show before, but they liked it. One boy asked me ‘is it difficult to dance in a wheelchair?’ - my answer was yes it is quite hard. I then explained that trying out new dance moves was difficult, I fall to the floor at least ten times a day, but I never stop trying. Always keep practicing and in my heart I always say three words, ‘I CAN DO’. Sometimes I stay on after work has finished to practice more, but I don’t mind, as it is very important to keep pushing forwards in my training and learn something new.

I’m really proud of myself for taking part and performing over there for them, because they will hopefully get inspired by watching our performance, especially for young people interested in dance and who want to develop their skills.


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