Nadenh on his solo 'Bound For'

Nadenh has been developing a solo called 'Bound For' since he joined the Stopgap team... 

Nadenh's solo

The solo is about how I practice dance with a wheelchair. When the wheelchair has a problem at some point I have to fix it. All of this happened to me a lot of the time when I was in Cambodia and what I had to do was fix it by myself because in my country it is hard to find a good wheelchair for dancing.

The main idea is to share my experience and explore what I can do with my wheelchair (my dancing partner).

One thing that is important for me in the piece is how to develop my dance movement and build up more confidence on stage and make it feel like home even though I am on stage on my own. I have started to enjoy the timing and energy of my solo.  It was the 1st time to perform with my partner, my wheelchair (at the GOlive Festival), I felt a little nervous but it was a very good experience and a chance to practice again and again until I  am used to performing a solo that shares who I am and how I dance.

Nadenh Poan

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