Nadenh writes about working with David

Sg2 dancer, Nadenh, has written a blog about working on David’s choreography ‘String Quartet’.

I have found it very interesting and instructive working on David's piece. David asked me to try and use my spine more whilst dancing and this surprised me because, when back in Cambodia, no one asked that of me before. When I tried to do as David said, I felt the difference in my movement straight away: it became soft and smooth and I felt I had more movement material to play around with.
When I think of David’s choreography, the word “Tai Chi” comes to mind. This is because I relate his soft, strong and powerful movements with that art form. 
I have learnt a lot working with David for his piece, for example: how to use my spine more, how to use and control my breath and how to be more confident when on stage.

This was a really enjoyable experience and I am looking forwards to performing David’s choreography a lot more in the future.

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