Nadenh's blog on seeing Protein Dance perform

Sg2 went to watch Protein Dance last week. Nadenh writes up his thoughts on the performance…

Border Tales by Protein Dance

I absolutely enjoyed the piece very much because the dancers had good movements and the live music was also was very enjoyable. I do like how all the dancers were moving and playing with the elements that they had during the show.
It was very interesting when they were sharing their own life and religious experiences. I found it exciting that they had respect for each other and also did not discriminate against each other, even though they had different religions and they were from different countries, it is very good that they integrated together. One thing I didn’t like was that the male dancers were a lot more prominent than the female dancers on stage.
For Border Tales the choreographer chose to show it in the round. This means they have no official front or back stage, but the dancers did really well at adapting to the space. It was a very good experience for me to know about this because for my last performance in Dukerque in France I was in the same situation on stage but I was confused when I was dancing. When I saw Border Tales I really focused on how the dancers placed themselves, they inspired me. I have promised myself if I perform again in the same situation (like in Dukerque) I'll do a good show like them too.
The choreographer had really good ideas to put the script in the piece and to let the dancers try to communicate to the audience through talking. It was a very good feeling during the show because the dancers can receive the energy from the audience and the audience can understand the meaning of the piece. 
The music was very touching and I really enjoyed it. It's a very good idea to have live music on stage during the show and also it gives a very strong energy to the performers.

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