Night at the Theatre

Hannah writes about the ideas behind Night at the Theatre and the creation process...

For over a year, Nadenh Poan, Connor Quill, Tim Casson and I had been working together on creating a piece called Night at the Theatre. Night at the Theatre is about three children going on an adventure to a theatre, playing around with costumes, breaking the rules, and interacting with our audiences.

The first time we came together, we got to know each other and explored those emotions, stories and our interests. Tim was interested at the time about how this would work in the piece by playing a character. Nadenh played as the youngest child who's cheeky and wants attention, Connor played as the middle child who can be a troublemaker but he keeps it together and I played the eldest child who is brave and tells the boys off.

I enjoyed the creation because we had so much fun by making silly ballet stories, playing with the rules at the theatre and creating happy 'party" solos. In one of the sections, we were playing with each other by what we should and what we shouldn't do at a theatre. In this process, we played around with each other on the idea of being against the rules. Next up was the 'ballet' section where we made up a story about a prince, princess and the evil wizard. Each of us had to wear one of the costumes by the what the audience wants us to play as. Two sections after the 'ballet' section was the 'party' section. In this section, we made up our own 'happy' solos and a phrase that was led by the dancers. I also enjoyed putting this piece on tour where we've been to Leicester, Salisbury, RichMix, The Vaults and Farnham.

I hope we will see you at Farnham Maltings at 2pm at the Tindle Studio. I hope you will enjoy the adventure and the interaction of Night at the Theatre!

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