Performing Outside

Performing outside has its challenges, arguably one of the most daunting ones is performing in the heat! Here are my top tips and exercises you can try to help prepare you for such a time. 


Always have water with you at all times and drink from it at regular intervals. Particularly before the performances, it definitely helps with concentration and keeps you focussed.

  • Tip to try...
    Make markers on your water bottle and try to have water at regular intervals to keep on track and hydrated.


When training, doing so with the heating on and for the same time limit and intensity as the performance can help the body to become fitter and adapt to hotter temperatures. 

  • Exercise to try...
    Tabata or HIIT training is perfect 
    Choose a number of challenging exercises and some more endurance based
    Adjust the amount of sets and duration for each exercise as you see fit

Rehearsing outside whenever and wherever possible

The best way of preparing for the show is doing..the show! Experiencing all of the movements in a rehearsal will help you to not be taken by surprise when it comes to the actual performance.

Knowing the piece

This can be down to how you manage your stamina in the heat. Not throwing away movements and containing energy so as not to waste it. Knowing when you can take it easier in the piece is a big one too! In Frock, when not dancing in “Elastic Band” this is a great time to catch a breather! This will help when it comes to the final push in “Little Collisions” which is always a welcome challenge.

  • Tip to try...
    When rehearsing, make a energy line of the piece in your head so you can visualise where your energy needs to peak and where you can pull back. 

Knowing your surroundings

It always helps to scope out the area you are performing in. Things can get very disorienting in the heat, particularly when the sun is very strong and blinding. Knowing a few striking landmarks can help you to figure out where you are!

  • Exercise to try...
    When getting ready, picture yourself in the performance space
    Pick out a landmark on each side of the space
    Choose different sequences from the piece and go through them in your head whilst visualising your surroundings

Balance training

There are many points in the piece with dynamic spine movements that involve high releases, spirals and turns with a change in focus. If your eyes catch the sun at this moment, it can make balance difficult. Intense heat can also make you feel dizzy. I believe that training your balance hopefully gives you one less thing to worry about.

  • Exercise to try...
    Finding a balance
    Change your focus
    Change your spine
    Find a circle in any limb
    Find rapid movements in a limb

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