Point Summer School

Christian summarises his first experience of The Point Summer School, working alongside Nadenh, Cherie and Hannah…

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure and privilege of working with some very talented and hard working dancers at The Point Summer School. Throughout the week, our goal was to create a short piece of work to present at a sharing on the final day. Not a huge amount of time to create work, but we were ready to rise to the challenge! Of course being in the middle of our wonderfully sunny?! British summer, we decided to base our piece on the theme of....Summer! But also how mobile phones and technology play such a prominent role in our day-to-day lives and on some level consume us when we should really be with friends enjoying the summer. A very relevant subject that our team were very happy to contribute to with all their thoughts and ideas.

We began each day with class. A super duper energetic circle warm up as always but not forgetting the infamous pass the touch, followed by lots of exciting explorations and exercises. No day was complete without several rounds of corners, splat and zip zap boing! We can't be serious all the time!

After all the fun and games we then moved on to many creative tasks in order to shape our piece. From flocking to ledges and accumulation to summer phrases, we had so much material that we didn't know what to do with. But 3 minds are always better than one, so together, we found the solution. After many hours of trials with each different section, (and much patience from our dancers!) we shaped the choreography. Rehearsing the final piece can always be a tough part of the process but we were so impressed and continually inspired by our dancers listening, committing and always bringing their 100% effort.

We even had time for some of our fantastic dancers to surprise us with some impromptu solo action in amongst the seriousness of our rehearsals!

On the final day for the sharing, everyone turned up in their coolest summer outfits, ready and raring to go to present our piece, 'Catch The Summer Beat'. After so much hard work and creativity throughout the week, we were incredibly proud of everyone involved and after all their dedication and commitment to the piece we are so pleased to say that it was a great success for all involved, big congratulations to all!!!!!

Overall, we had a fantastic week and would like to once again, say a huge thank you to the amazing dancers that worked with us and The Point for hosting us the whole week, everyone who came to support us during the sharing at the end of the week and Sam for her amazing enthusiasm and support. A very special thanks to our very own Nadenh for his time and effort composing the music, Cherie for adding some awesome vocals to our soundtrack and Hannah for her invaluable assistance throughout the whole week. We truly had a brilliant time and hope to return again very soon!

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