Reflections on Sg2 by Siobhan

As Hannah and Nadenh head towards graduation from Sg2, Siobhan writes a blog reflecting on their time working together…

Now Hannah and Nadenh are in the process of graduating from Sg2 into Stopgap's main touring team, I find myself reflecting on my time with them. I am very proud of all they have achieved and successfully auditioning for the main team is a fantastic end to their two years of training.

As the lead artist in Sg2 I've had the pleasure of training Nadenh and Hannah for the last two years. As part of their training they have learnt how to plan and lead workshops in a large variety of settings, from schools to professional classes; they have performed in repertoire and toured around the UK and Europe learning about the demands and responsibilities involved in being part of a company. I believe that Sg2 is an excellent example of how focused, bespoke training can equip talented disabled dancers to achieve brilliant things.

One of my favourite memories from the last two years was being part of 'You Et Vous' EU Project. It was great to work with a large cast of dancers from all the different countries involved, but mostly I really enjoyed watching Hannah and Nadenh step up to demands asked of them during this project - which included dancing on a raked stage! - and to do this whilst coping with the day to day pressures of being on tour was brilliant. This final (on tour) stage of the project was a test of the Sg2 family. It isn't easy living and working under pressure, constantly in each other's pockets, but we came home having grown closer and with plenty of stories to tell.

Both Hannah and Nadenh have grown as teachers and performers and have achieved things they didn't realise they could do. I am sure that this next stage of their journey will be just as fruitful and I look forward to seeing them shine as part of Stopgap's main team.

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