Responsive Teaching and CPDs by David

David talks about the recent Responsive Teaching and CPD sessions he has taught over the past month, explaining where his enjoyment lies in sharing his expertise.

Recently Laura and I have been teaching development sessions to enable more people in the dance industry to work in an integrated manor. Laura is undoubtedly a wiz when it comes to making dance accessible (I’ve sat next to her for 5 years and I still learn something new every time she imparts her wisdom to others). But the topic I most enjoy discussing during CPD sessions is about how best to approach choreographing community dance pieces.
Choreographing community dance can bring up a lot of challenges, ranging from integrating groups with varying abilities or knowledge of dance, time constraints, enforced themes and sometimes participants who simply just don’t want to be there!! But the one thing that I find brings everything together is ownership. Working in a responsive way by encouraging participants to create their own material under your guidance not only creates the sense of ownership to the movement (and the piece) but also creates interesting movement, that as a choreographer, you possibly may not have thought of.
Working in an inclusive and responsive way is creative, accessible and enjoyable for teacher and participant alike.

For more information on Stopgap’s upcoming ‘Continued Professional Development’ session click here.

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