Sg Troop at U.Dance 2015 - Part 2

The story continues with Lily, as she re-lives the second day away in Plymouth with Sg Troop…

On Friday we had two workshops.  The first of which was a contemporary class with Theo Clinkard, which was an amazing surprise as our original teacher Caroline Bowditch was unable to come.  The class was fast paced and quite challenging.  It helped me reconnect with my body and move quite differently with parts of my body that I'd been neglecting.  I've definitely remembered a few of the exercises and it'd be great to review them in our class.  Something Laura and Helen commented on when watching us was the unity within the group and the support and consideration we show each other, even when surrounded by twenty other dancers.  Then we had an African dance workshop that really focussed on rhythm and musicality; the live music from three drummers made it a great new experience.  

After lunch we got to watch Sg2's 'The Awakening'.  Having seen only little sections of it I was really excited to watch the whole piece.  It was, as with any Stopgap choreography and performances I have watched, absolutely amazing.  In the following group discussion it was incredible to hear other young people’s impressions of the work and so great to see how people reacted to an integrated company performance.  I felt so privileged to be a small part of Stopgap and felt the importance for others to be introduced to something that is now so natural to me.  It opened up a lot of discussion with all of the young dancers to hear thoughts on the work and on inclusive dance.  Laura and Nadenh did an excellent job on the panel and I learnt a lot from them.  The talk ended with some great observations and it succeeded in changing a lot of perceptions of what integrated and inclusive dance is, and can be.

In the evening we watched more groups perform at the Theatre Royal, and it gave me a chance to analyse the dance and choreography; something I hope benefits my possible future training.

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