Sg Troop at U.Dance 2015 - Part 3

Here’s the final entry from Lily about Sg Troop’s time away…

On our final day we had the mass dance rehearsals, which were a bit chaotic and a big challenge for some, but we enjoyed the last day dancing and taking part in the experience. The performance of the mass dance went well.

Our final event of U.Dance was watching performances from National Youth Dance England and other youth groups as part of U.Dance 'New Dimensions'. Despite our exhaustion we mostly all managed to stay awake (looking at you Nicky and Laura...!) and we watched some stunning pieces. Thus ending our stay in Plymouth for U.Dance 2015!

It was a great trip and I'm incredibly excited for Sg Troop and the new work, which will start up again in the autumn term.  Thank you to Lucy and Nadenh for creating this piece and for your guidance and support.  To Helen, Nicky and Laura who made it possible for us to go down to Plymouth.  And to everyone at Stopgap and the donators who made it possible for us to take part.

I'm proud to be a part of that wonderful experience and to be part of Troop!

Lily Norton

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