Sg Troop dancer Dermot

Dermot writes about his time with Sg Troop and where his future goals lie...

My Sg Troop progression  

Hello my name is Dermot Farrell. I wanted to write a blog to tell people about Sg Troop. I have currently been a dancer with the group since it started 4 years ago. It's a fantastic opportunity to attend Troop because it's a more professional, higher level group. There are currently 7 dancers. When we attend the group each week we begin the session doing lots of cardio, warm ups and articulation so our bodies get ready to begin the session.

Over the 4 years since I have attended Sg Troop as a dance artist I have come so far in my dancer journey and have learned how to focus and use all different parts of my body to dance with and explore different techniques and levels.
I feel so confident dancing in Sg Troop because I have been learning about lots of different materials we can use when creating and playing with lots of interesting and creative ideas.
When I dance with the other dancers in the group I feel good and always keep my dance up to a high professional standard.

Future goal
My future goal achievement would be to work towards becoming a professional dancer.
I hope u enjoyed reading my blog!
Dermot Farrell

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