SG Troopers have returned!

SG Troop is back! Christian catches us up with what's been going on in Troop...

Sg Troop is a small group of committed dancers interested in inclusive practice and integrated choreography. Currently they meet weekly online via the videocall platform 'Zoom', led by Christian Brinklow...

Photo by Chris Parkes. Image description: A black and white photo of Sg Troop dancer Dermot, it frames his face and torso, he looks down to the ground, one arm just visible reaching over his head. Dermot is white and wears black framed glasses.

After a long 6 months of being apart, we have finally been reunited to dance together once again! Though we are working online, we are finding the best ways to keep our artistic practice going and support each other. Though being in the studio together would be so welcomed, because we have been working online, we have been able to bring some more amazing dancers into the group (from many other different parts of the UK) that we may not have met otherwise. So for this, we are very grateful!!! A big positive of working online in these times.

For me, it is the greatest pleasure to dance and work with these super talented, kind and generous artists! I tell them every week their dancing is a sensation and every time it rings more true than the week before. They are fully embracing the 45 minutes we have together on a Monday evening and progress is being made!

Working online, of course, brings its challenges, however we are finding our rhythm and groove together. We have given each week a focus, honing in on specific areas of our practice from dynamics to speed and the spine to the hands. We have been developing our skills in our small spaces and making our practice as rich as we can in other ways that we aren't so used to.


We are thrilled to be working towards a digital winter film festival, finding ways to bring the dance magic alive again once more! The theme is Movies...I won't reveal anymore, you'll have to join us in the new year to see what it's all about!

- Christian

Troop is currently a full group, but be on the lookout in the future for any opportunities to join!

If you are looking for inclusive dance classes throughout the lockdown, don't forget to check out our Home Practice! We release weekly classes from our teachers, alongside releasing Seeds and Groundwork - which focus in on the fundamentals of inclusive contemporary dance practice!

As these videos are released on YouTube, which is a free to view platform, there will be no fee but donations are welcome.

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