Siobhan reflects on Moon Language

With one week to go Siobhan reflects on the process of creating Moon Language  

The countdown has begun!

We are just 1 week from the Moon Language performance at The Lights in Andover. The final preparations are coming together; the team are working hard to get everything ready - costumes, make up and music are all joining with the choreography.
As often happens when you first start making a piece, the end seems a long way off, then suddenly it rushes at you. We have definitely reached the rushing stage and soon it will be done.

Moon Language has been the first time Stopgap professional dancers have worked with Wellington Academy and Ickneild special needs school students and teachers. What I love most about projects like this is seeing the transformation in the young people over the course of the project. This was the first time that any of the young dancers have worked in an inclusive setting and the first time they have had the opportunity to dance on stage with professionals. I think this combination is the key to inspiring and changing the perceptions of our young people. The Stopgap dancers have been excellent examples to all involved of what can be achieved when disabled and non-disabled dancers work collaboratively and Stopgap’s choreographic methods have challenged and surprised those involved. One of my favourite moments so far from the rehearsals was when one of the Ickneild teachers came to me and said how amazed she was at what had been done - “It is really inclusive, our students are so involved in the piece” - she was afraid they would just be tacked on the end rather than being an essential part of what was created.

These last few days of rehearsals will speed by, as I write this I am enjoying the opportunity to reflect on the last 6 weeks. In a busy world we rarely  make time to take stock and look at the journey.

So, 1 week to go, we take a deep breath and enjoy each day before it disappears.

(Image by Megan Ellis) 

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