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Focussing on Lucy's latest Home Practice session all about finding spontaneity...

This Monday we released our latest Home Practice session on Spontaneity, with artistic director Lucy Bennett. With Lockdown 2 in place we can't be as spontaneous in our everyday lives anymore, why not try find some spontaneity in your movement at home?

What is Spontaneity?

  • Acting on a sudden impulse
  • Following inclinations without much previous thought
  • Being open, natural, and uninhibited

Other useful words might be relaxed, easy, unprompted, impulsive, free and easy

In dance and movement, these can be spur-of-the-moment decisions that add this layer of spontaneity. It can help within improvisation to release your mind, let movement flow freely and let yourself be surprised!

In this Home Practice session, Lucy will encourage you to find a ‘freedom within the form’ by giving you the opportunity to make quick, playful choices that enable a light spontaneity when dancing.

Expect guided improvisation, repetition of movement technique exercises and a dance sequence that builds layer by layer.

Lucy says:

“During my maternity leave, I took to going online to satisfy my need to dance and move. I began practicing 'Yoga with Adrienne' and loved her phrase ‘Freedom within the Form’. The concept of freedom within the form sits really well with Stopgap’s inclusive dance practice. As a director, I love to get dancers to a place where they feel they can add a layer of spontaneity to their performance, and what better place to start than within the creative process or morning class. Adrienne’s style of filmmaking and her clarity of language has also been an inspiration for Stopgap’s Home Practice. This is very much my ode to Adrienne."

If you enjoyed Lucy’s video, we suggest also following this Groundwork session from Amy

In this Groundwork episode, Amy Butler introduces methods that may assist in learning sequences. It will help to identify whether you have an affinity with a particular approach and to offers ways of analysing material in order to aid movement memory. This tutorial is designed specifically for screen learning and online teaching but some of the tools also translate to working in the studio.

As these videos are released on YouTube, which is a free to view platform, there will be no fee but donations are welcome.

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