Spring Lab 2016 with Chris

Here is Chris’ experience of Spring Lab 2016, discussing his thoughts on the exercises and tasks from Laura and Siobhan.

What we did for the Spring Lab is that we started with a class and then Laura did the strengthening exercise and I thought it was good and brilliant and I saw that there were great incredible people to work with. And I felt that during the week they were improving and enjoying the Spring Lab. I thought that everyone learnt the exercises very well.

Every day I also thought that we all achieved new things in the creative tasks; such as the Clapping Rhythm task. It was great to learn new things and that really helps others to create new dance movement, this is something I have learnt as well and will take away with me.

 I also enjoyed creating a trio because it is something that I find really interesting, I could use it when I’m choreographing which is something I want to do more of. It helped me to develop new dance material through the week with the others in Spring Lab, I thought that there were some great people to work with.

It is also great to share, watch and encourage other people to see how they learn and pick up new dance skills.  Throughout the Spring Lab Laura and Siobhan gave clear instructions every day and the others have achieved lots over the three days. Siobhan and Laura were really organised and I felt like I enjoyed it. We had a big jam session at the end of the three days and that was really great, everyone dancing together.


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