Summer Artists Lab

Christian updates us with what happened earlier this month at Stopgap's Summer Artists Lab...

Summer Choreography Lab

It is always one of the best parts of being in Stopgap: having these inspirational opportunities to work and share with like-minded artists from around the world.
Day 1…
Body awareness and awareness of body in space. Translations. Spine. Focus. Detail. Flow. Blending: creating a unison by bringing together individual influences and finding a common ground. Starting an idea…Supporting an idea…Reflecting an idea
Day 2…
A day about a relationship to another person. Eye contact, finding a connection, deepening a connection, paying attention to all the details. Supporting someone, absorbing someone, becoming one.
Day 3…
Throwing energy. Through the doors. Accordion in the core. Sliding through the air. Cats eyes. Moving through yourself. Moving inside yourself. Moving outside yourself. Falling from your body. Falling further. Collapsing and falling.
Day 4…
Throwing the voice. Layering the shakes. Beauty in the struggle. Unity of effort and translating the whole. Talking backs. Standing but upside down. Durational stability. Evolving and gradually changing. Seeing the struggle and the exhaustion. Authenticity. How is it genuine? How is it real?
Day 5…
Space floating impulse. Where do I go from here? Elbows and knees. Responding with connections. Honest connections. Contact points on the floor. 100 contact points on the floor. Moving from body sections. Beauty in the silence; the movement speaks for itself.

Here are some insightful reflections I collected throughout the week from all the participants:

‘Good ice breaker so everyone could come together get to know each other quickly. Really nice to see individuals.’
‘Clear themes throughout the day. With sticking to ideas it was useful to be able to concentrate and be clear in the body as sometimes it is easy to lose the way.’
‘Translation opened the gates to many different possibilities. Wishing there was time to revisit things further.’
‘Threading into the body from an internal and external perspective, feeling in from the inside and imagining it of the outside.’
‘I had a really nice time with my intestines, journeying around the body. Gained surprise in new physical places and layering imagination.’
‘Very simple concepts but layers in complexity for constant building. Traditional roots – coming from down low in the ground and gathering energy into the body with a connection to the earth.’
‘Create from inside yourself, going deeper inside the body and finding the collapses from the inside.’
‘Out of my comfort zone in a good way. New experiences with totally new instructions viewed from a very different perspective.’
‘Soft aggression, killing me softly, strength in fragility.’
‘Incredible experience, very inclusive, welcoming, inspiring, new, challenging, so pleased to be invited, Thank you!’

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