Teaching Young People Online

Here is a round up of some TOP TIPS for teaching young people online...

As the world adjusted to restrictions placed upon us by the Covid-19 pandemic, part of our adjustment was to make sure we were providing our Youth Companies with sessions they could access online. Our Youth Companies usually meet weekly and spend an hour and a half working on dance skills and creative tasks, but due to lockdown and maintaining the safety of our community, we went online to offer three weekly half hour sessions. These sessions all focus on dance skills, keeping active and developing creative skills. Our teaching team: Cherie, Millie, and Nicky, create these sessions together, all designed for our young people, that they teach and broadcast online.

Adjusting and adapting to teaching online has been a big learning curve for them but that means there was lots of opportunity for learning! As part of #TuesdayTogetherness on our social media channels, we are sharing some Top Tips that our wonderful teachers have gathered all about teaching young people online. The following tips are the things our teachers think are most important to consider when leading sessions online! Head to our Instagram too if you would like to get involved more with the conversation.

Infographic with black background, white text and multicoloured drawings.   Heading: Tips for Teaching Young People Online White Stopgap Dance Company logo  Subheading: Tips from our Teaching team, who have been leading inclusive online dance sessions for our Youth Company members and other young dancers  #01  Go live 10-15 minutes before the class begins, so you have time to sort out any problems. This also gives your participants time to say ‘hello!’ to each other.  [Small white drawings on orange backgrounds - of a clock and waving hand]  #02 If you need it, make a sign to welcome everyone onto the stream and  state when you’re going to start the class. This gives you some time to have a last check of your notes and playlists!  [Purple drawing of a sign reading ‘Live @ 10am’, a piece of paper and music notes] #03 Everyone totally understands that the digital world can be unreliable. So if your live stream stops don’t panic, just try to get back online when you can and apologise for  the technical hitch!  It’s a good idea to check the strength of your internet before you go live so you can give out a warning if needs be. [Drawing of a green box with text inside reading ‘we’ll be right back!’ and internet signal bars.] #04 Be yourself! Remember how your students would normally see you, try not to change too much about your teaching while working virtually. Just teach as you normally would!   [White drawings on orange backgrounds of a laptop and a screen with the outline of a person] #05 Keep communication with parents and careers - as they will be supporting your young people to access your classes. Create an easy read information pack to support with finding and working the platform you are using. [White drawings on purple, of a sheet of paper with the word ‘guide’] #06 What music are you using, does it need to be royalty free? Make sure you have permission to use any  music - especially when you stream to certain platforms. [Green drawings of music notes and a hand giving a thumbs up]  Tips provided by Cherie Brennan, Nicky Norton and Millie Clark. Created by Lily Norton.

If you need a description of these infographics follow this link: bit.ly/SGTipsInfoGraphic

We have these infographics available to download – which you can access here in pdf form: bit.ly/TipsSGYC

If you are interested or know a young person that would benefit from some dancing and fun in their week then get in touch, or follow this link to our Youth Group Facebook page bit.ly/SGYouthGroups

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