The Awakening at South Bank Centre

Hannah writes a blog about her experience performing as part of the Unlimited Festival at The South Bank Centre…

On the 5th September, Tomos, Nadenh, Amy and I travelled to the South Bank Centre to perform our outdoor piece The Awakening, choreographed by Chris Pavia. We performed our piece just outside the centre, next to the River Thames, as part of the Unlimited Festival. On that evening at 6pm, the dancers performed and the audience loved it.

On the 6th September, we performed The Awakening 3 times! Our first performance was at 1pm, the second at 3pm and the third one was at 6pm in the evening. The first performance was good and had a strong audience. The second performance was also good and we performed it well, the audience loved it. And the third performance was good and a good audience too; all three audiences had something to say to the dancers about the piece. I felt the performances went well and the comments from the audience were incredibly honest.

On the 7th September, we again performed The Awakening at 1pm, 3pm and 6pm. On our final performance of the day, I feel we gave it our all, with our greatest enthusiasm and said a huge thank you to our choreographer Chris Pavia for working with us on this amazing rollercoaster of finding the light through the darkness. The audience loved it and commented the dancers were great inspiration. Sophie Partridge wrote a review on Disability Arts Online and quoted ‘definitely a Martial Arts feel to the piece.’’



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