The Dunkirk Lowdown from Hannah

Hannah writes a blog about the workshops and performances Sg2 did over in France

On the 12th February, Siobhan Hayes, Tomos Young, Nadenh Poan and I travelled to France to do a workshop and performance in Dunkirk. We all taught a workshop and showed an extract of our repertoire to the students and the staff on the next day before we travelled home.

The workshop we taught on the 13th and 14th February ran smoothly and they all enjoyed it. At the workshop we had four students including 2 support teachers who were with them. The dancers enjoyed it and got really focused on what had been taught to them.
At first they found it hard to learn the movement, but they finally managed to do the movement full out. We were all impressed with how they picked it up so quickly so we moved onto a creative task.
I taught and led a game called ‘Witnessing.’ Witnessing is an old game of Stopgap’s for workshop creative tasks. In this game you look around the shape and find details of the shape that person has made and you explore what you see. If it’s a small detail, you make a shape that is small. If it’s big, you explore and make a big shape. When you make a shape you have to make sure you’re not touching, you’re moulding around the shape.
Sg2 were, again, impressed with how creative they were when we were watching them as duets.
The performance we showed in the afternoon was good and the audience loved it. The performance included pieces from Nadenh, which was his solo Bound for, The Chair, by Hofesh Schechter, Meeting Place, which was created by Siobhan and the last piece was String Quartet, which was choreographed by David Willdridge (one of the SG Main team dancers). I felt that the performance went well and thought that it would be a good inspiration to the audience. They commented and complimented us on how they felt.
The next day we did the same class and went through some stuff we were going to show to their friends and family later on in the day. We all rehearsed our piece in the space so we could practice our dance from top to bottom. We all remembered what we learnt and created together. In the afternoon, we showed our dance piece to their friends and family which they loved. They commented and said thank you to us for working with them over the 2 days.



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