The Seafarers: Insight from Kat Ball

Kat Ball, Stopgap’s associate, writes about her first experience being involved in a creation process with the company for The Seafarers…

Working on The Seafarers Project with Stopgap Dance Company has been a fun filled blast of folk music, free running and frenetic energy. With the introduction of fabulous new faces, including Laura Dajao and myself; alongside a large and varied cast based in Portsmouth.
This is the first time that Laura D and myself have worked alongside Stopgap in creation and a performance on this scale. I have loved my time involved in the project, developing as a dancer and gaining an insight into the creative process of the piece, particularly when considering the site-specific nature of this performance.

In April, when creating and developing began in earnest,  I was eager but slightly nervous about the task ahead of us. As time has progressed nerves have dissolved away and have been replaced with enjoyment and anticipation. I am very excited by the opportunity to be a part of the Portsmouth Festivities, and cannot wait to see how everything comes together, including the addition of live Moulettes music!

What you will see on 27th and 28th June is an adventurous culmination of several months’ hard work, creativity and dedication; which has formed a new community of people and given us creative license in exploring the nautical history of Portsmouth. I hope that you're able to join us and that you enjoy watching as much as I've enjoyed participating.

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