The Seafarers: Insight from Tomos

A few words from Sg2 dancer, Tomos about his journey throughout The Seafarers…

What a few weeks it has been! We are currently in the process of rehearsing The Seafarers which will be performed on the 27 & 28 June as part of Portsmouth Festivities.

Recently we have been working on what we have called the "quartet", but I use this word loosely now. Choreographed by assistant choreographer Siobhan Hayes, "quartet" was for 4 dancers but structured into 2 slightly different pieces incorporating 2 different sets of dancers.

In the first instance, it was going to be an all female quartet and an all male quartet however, this changed slightly and became a mix of genders. During this time we have worked on the different sections that the music had to offer, highlighting the oboe section and the flute section as well as the underlying music in the song. The movement represented the change in tempo and followed the lovely dynamics that the music from The Moulettes had to offer, it was beginning to come together.

And then, all change. Siobhan reworked the piece into an octet, a piece for 8 dancers. This was quite a shift, so now we are all working together in this section, (fantastic) but in order to stay within the frame set of Siobhan 's choreography, and keeping the patterns that she had created, we must move in the same space but with 4 different dancers. This led to many funny moments, and looks of confusion mainly from me! The movement is intricate and speedy, with wonderful contrast between the sharp and the soft.

I am really looking forward to performing this show. The space we are performing in is amazing, filled with history. The cast is full of energy, and each community group has worked so well to bring this really vibrant piece to life.
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Thumbs up to the choreographers for always looking so cool!!

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