Troop Farewells!

Siobhan bids farewell to three of the Troop dancers, and talks about how exciting the futures of Troop old and new are!

My first year leading SgTroop has flown by. Already 3 of our lovely dancers are leaving to go onto the next stage of their dancing journey. Lauren and Lily are going to start degrees at Chichester University and Lucy (at just 16) is going on to study at Rambert School. Below are some of their thoughts from their time in SgTroop.


My time as an Sg Troop dancer has been an uplifting and challenging experience. I feel I have grown as a dancer being involved in the creation process for our pieces, the rehearsal regime (taking responsibility by leading warm ups from time to time), through to the eventual performance in varied venues across the country. As a person I have met people I hope to keep as friends wherever our paths take us. Sg troop provides an equal platform where everyone is heard and respected and where everyone has the opportunity to dance.


Sg Troop began as a very timid, quiet bunch of dancers that over time have grown to comfortably work with one another and we've enjoyed creating material that has been performed at brilliant venues and festivals.
Troop has been an integral part of my own personal development as a dancer over the past two years. I feel that I’ve matured in my technique and have began to understand how I like to move, whilst also challenging myself with creating intense choreography.
Working with various members of the artistic team, most recently Siobhan, has been an invaluable experience and one that I am extremely grateful for. As I am moving on to University in September, I will most definitely miss Troop sessions and look forward to seeing what the new (and original) members create!

I have loved working with this talented group of young dancers, and I am pleased that they aren't all moving on! It is a real pleasure to create work on them and then have the time to tweak and improve the piece. Next year isn't going to be the same but I’m so pleased the group is growing. I am really looking forward to creating a new piece and working with a larger group. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Lucy, Lily and Lauren all the best for the adventures ahead of them.

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