Vicki on becoming Chair of the Board

Vicki shares why she was thrilled to become Chair of the Board of Trustees for Stopgap at the beginning of 2013


I was thrilled to be invited to join Stopgap’s board.  Since the beginning of Stopgap I have always been obsessive about nurturing the next generation of dancers and always knew there would be a moment when it was time for that generation to flourish into the next wave of leaders.  Lucy was the person I had wanted to take on my mantle and it has been breathtaking to watch her unfold her wings and take the company flying, soaring high.  I had presumed that when it was time to make that change I should be bold and leave completely to give the “new” team the freedom to make decisions without worrying about what I thought. 

When Iona asked me to be on the board I felt so lucky and hugely privileged to continue to be involved with an organisation that I think is incredibly important for not only the dance sector but society in general.  I am enjoying still being deeply connected with the company whilst being able to cheer loudly from the sidelines and offer counsel when it’s asked for. 

For me, the way that Stopgap shifts perspectives, inevitably challenges preconceptions of what truly is possible. That is exciting to be involved with!

Vicki Balaam

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