What we love about GYC!

Cathy gets some lovely thoughts from two of our long-standing Guildford Youth Company members…

Dermot and Jenny talk about why they love to dance with Stopgap!

Dermot reflects on why he loves to create and perform with GYC.
I love attending youth company on Wednesdays at the University of Surrey because I like dancing in a large group of young people. Also, I like the class because we do lots of different types of levels of dance. We dance in a large group and in pairs. We also find different ways of dancing for all different levels and abilities for everyone who attends.
I also enjoy youth company because we are joined by the University of Surrey dance students. With them we create solos and pair work using different types of textures and techniques. I really enjoy the travelling exercises we do at the beginning of each class. Youth company is a great time to see friends and dance with everyone but to also welcome new students and young people who want to join.

Jenny talks about her dancing journey with Stopgap.
I first met Stopgap when they came to The Orpheus Centre when I was a student there, about six years ago. They arrived each week for a day’s lessons for us to explore dance.  It was really nice and different. For instance, I learned how to move my arms in a way I had never done before and never thought I would be able to do.
When I left Orpheus I wanted to keep working with them so I became a member of their youth company. We meet every Wednesday evening. I like it because they don’t go easy on me. They make me stretch my ability in both body and mind. I have made many friends, most of them I’ve known since Orpheus days, but some new ones too. I look forward to my weekly visits. It takes my mind away from any problems I’m having. Hopefully I can be part of Stopgap for many years to come.

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