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We share Nadenh's new Home Practice video on Collaborating with your wheelchair...

Thank you everyone for your kindness.

We are still processing the loss of Dave Toole, we are immensely grateful to all of you that have sent well wishes, condolences and shared your most treasured memories of Dave with us. 

Dave would have wanted us to keep on going. We want to be there for the generations of dancers that were inspired by him.

Thank you from all here at Stopgap

Home Practice with Nadenh

We are really excited to share this next Home Practice session with you. A class designed by company dancer Nadenh Poan giving insights into how he collaborates with his dance partner (his wheelchair).

Nadenh is proficient at moving smoothly and in sync with his chair and through his Home Practice sessions he hopes to guide you to do the same with your dance partner. Although designed specifically for blossoming wheelchair dancers this class can provide useful tools for all dancers, you are all invited to the party!

It is so rare to find technique classes targeting diverse individuals, this is just one of the many holes in contemporary dance culture we wish to address. We would so value your feedback on this session and any suggestions you have as to how we might support you in your practice.

Perhaps you have your own techniques you want to share? 

Warm Wishes from the Home Practice Team

As these videos are released on YouTube, which is a free to view platform, there will be no fee but donations are welcome.

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