Why we created Replay by Lucy

Artistic Director, Lucy, writes about Stopgap's newly launched digital channel, Replay

We decided to develop our digital dance channel ‘Replay’ after a summer of visitors from abroad.  Our visitors were often emerging, talented individuals keen to learn from our practice. One thing they all had in common was that they were often the only dancer like themselves in their hometown, university or company.

Stopgap loves unique dance skill and unique dancers - because we can learn from them. This then feeds our practice whether within our company technique class or our devising choreographic process. We therefore want to continue the conversation with our colleagues and we want to support their development as dancers. Because as wheelchair dancer Laura Jones says

“It sucks when you are always teaching the teacher how to teach you”.

We simply started to film our company class, then we experimented with sharing our inclusive yoga practice developed by standing dancer Amy Butler, next we were filming repertoire and finally Nadenh and Laura wanted to exchange some of their dance skills for wheelchair users with each other.

‘Replay’ is something the dance artists very much want to do and it is very much in its early stages. At Stopgap we are lucky enough to have nine remarkable dancers sweating, grafting and dancing together in the studio - their combined experience, curiosity and drive to move inclusive practice forward is as good a start as any and with the click of a button – why not share to the widest audience possible.

Click here to visit the Replay channel . A new video will be uploaded each fortnight. 

Lucy Bennett 

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