Workshop in Bremen

Hannah and Siobhan traveled to Bremen, Germany last weekend to teach some workshops. Cherie interviewed them both to find out more…


Were you excited about your trip to Germany and delivering the workshops?
Hannah: I was excited to be apart of the workshop, the language barrier was interesting - we got to work with a translator.

Who were you working with?
Siobhan: We went to Bremen to deliver a workshop as part of a festival, which runs until November. The workshop included disabled and non-disabled adults some of whom had danced before as well as teachers and first time dancers. 

Had the participants worked with an inclusive company like Stopgap before?
Siobhan: Four of the participants were part of an inclusive dance group who met once a week. It was really nice to watch them improvise together as they obviously trusted one another and understood each others movement. The rest of the participants were familiar with an inclusive setting but hadn't worked with a professional integrated company before. 

What type of things did you do and explore? 
Hannah: In the mornings we explored the ideas of balances, floor work, swings and melting to create material.
Siobhan: In the afternoons we taught some rep and explored movement we had looked at that day through an improvisation jam. 

How do you feel the workshop went and what was your highlight?
Hannah: I felt it went well and it was really interesting to watch them move and experience their lifestyle and dance. My highlight was being able to really watch them move and create a piece on them.
Siobhan: I think the workshop was really successful - the participants commented on how they were surprised at how complex things can be having been created from very simple beginnings and the first time dancer mentioned how comfortable she felt the whole weekend and how pleased she was with it all. 

What do you hope they took away from the workshop?
Siobhan: I hoped I could introduce new ways of creating material and give them a taste of Stopgaps practice. I think they managed to get a taste of all this in the short time we had together and I hope to be able to work with them all again. 

If you could work with them again what would you like to do?
Hannah: If we worked together again it would be nice to have more time to know them as dancers and their language. I would really like to experience their own style of movement more.

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