Workshop in Holland

Nadenh and Lucy were away in Holland teaching last weekend. Cherie interviews Nadenh to find out more about the project and what they got up to…

You jetted off to Holland last weekend, have you ever been there before? 
It was my first time I have never been before. It is a beautiful country.

What were doing there?
I did a lot of teaching and led a workshop. We also shared choreography with one another.

Who were you working with? 
I worked with different choreographers, dancers and other companies.

Had the people you worked with ever worked with a wheelchair user or an inclusive company before?
I actually knew a few of them. I was really surprised as there was one wheelchair dancer who I am friends with, I didn't realise she was joining the project. I saw her in the studio and it was amazing.

What was your highlight?
My highlight was the fact I got to work with new people, I use that as my weapon.

Was this a new experience for you?
It was a new experience for me. I have learnt a lot from that project. I loved it.

If you could work with them again what would you like to explore differently or progress on?
If I have the opportunity to work with them again, I would like to explore more with choreographing, as it is a part of my personal development for the future.

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