Yasmin's First Blog

Sg2 Support Worker, Yasmin, introduces herself and how she is looking forward to working with Stopgap & supporting Sg2 on their journey...

Name: Yasmin Sas
Favourite things in life: Clear blue skies, sushi, coffee, hiking, sandy beaches baking,
Where I’m from: South East London
Favourite country: India

What I’m most looking forward to working with Stopgap:
I’m really looking forward to working collaboratively with the Sg2 dancers as they embark on their apprentice training at Stopgap. I’m excited to witness the Sg2 dancers grow and flourish throughout the training, and I’m really pleased to be supporting them through this experience. I’m interested to learn more about the skills and creative processes that Stopgap use to create such inventive ways to integrate all the unique dancers in the company.

My biggest inspirations are artists, teachers, colleagues, friends that create and make work that allow us to view the world from a different perspective or perhaps even guide us to thinking about a topic or idea differently. One of my biggest inspirations who I think did this effortlessly was Pina Bausch. She strived to push boundaries and created some really interesting pieces about life and people.

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