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My most recent Home Practice release is about how musical language and composition might be applied to the body to develop a physical language. With this theme I am following my curiosity and playing with ideas that not only interest me but also bring me joy.

Largely I followed the path of dance because of my love for music. Some of my earliest memories are of my Dad playing his records in the early evening and me and my sisters dancing around the room in chaotic excitement. I would like at this point to comment on my Dad’s air guitar which is unique to him and mostly brilliant (although at times he does look a little constipated).

As a child I played music and always found moving to music natural and utterly satisfying. It was a surprise to me to find out this is not what drives everyone to dance. The contemporary world houses many dancers that have not learnt how to listen to, comprehend and then utilise music. This is not a judgement, I have worked with many such dancers who have beautifully articulate bodies and wonderfully creative minds they have just entered the art of dance for different reasons to me. In fact now I dance for many more reasons than simply to find a deeper affinity to music; my love of the art form is now so multifaceted I would now have to sit and ponder exactly how and why it moves me.

I hope to develop a series of Home Practice classes that continue to look at the exploration of musical terminology as a tool to encourage specific qualities in the body, develop new vocabulary or systems of movement and aid choreographic phrasing.

Your feedback on this journey would be invaluable: do you think it is useful? What other ways might the same language or ideas be explored physically? And, do you feel like you learnt something from the series? These are questions that I would very much appreciate answers to, so, look out for my next release and follow the journey, it could be a fun ride!

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