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Logo of Home Practice with dancer Nadenh Poan leading a class

Home Practice is a free self-guided programme of online dance workshops and classes that introduce a variety approaches to dance practice, with inclusivity at its heart. As the name suggests, all sessions are suitable to practice at home, wherever that may be. 

Home Practice is not about imitating what happens in the studio, but aims to support dancers' continued process of learning whilst at home.

Home Practice highlights the solo dancing experience, encouraging participants to own their own practice - free of over-critical comparison to others. It aims to build confidence for individual dancers to return to the studio when the time is right.

We have also introduced a series of live online workshops, Home Practice Together. These workshps enable you to explore elements of Home Practice in more detail, together with others, hosted by Stopgap dance artists. Click here for more information on Home Practice Together.

Who is Home Practice for?

The world is stating to reopen and some in-person dance classes are set to become more available, but we know there are many dancers who are still shielding, or perhaps there are no suitable sessions nearby. Or it might be that the cost of attending classes regularly are increasingly becoming impractical in what is an extraordinarily difficult time for the performing arts sector. During the lockdown period, we have been tuning into people's needs, desires and worries and researched into what kind of dance classes might practically be possible to do from home. We also spoke with a number of people from the sector to identify what nourishment online sessions could deliver for a range of needs.

How to use Home Practice

Home Practice has three categories of videos that will navigate you through the process of keeping up your skills as a dance practitioner:

  • Groundwork - Foundational short videos that give participants an insight into Stopgap's inclusive methodologies such as 'Translation' and 'Visualisation' 
  • Seeds - Bite-sized dance workshops that explore a variety of key subjects in inclusive contemporary dance practice
  • Home Practice - Weekly videos that are simple but satisfying dance practice that participants can view at their convenience

For more insight into Home Practice, you can read a series of blogs by Lucy, TomAmy and Laura. We will aim to release blogs on a weekly basis to help you get deeper into each video.

To be the first to know of our new Home Practice, please sign up to our mailing list or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Home Practice is delivered free of charge, but any donations would be hugely welcome!


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Home Practice